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!Oka Tokat is a paranormal drama, which ran on ABS-CBN from 1997 to 2002. It originally aired every Tuesday nights and starred Ricky Davao, Diether Ocampo, Jericho Rosales, Angelika de la Cruz, Rica Peralejo Paolo Contis and Agot Isidro. The show's title is the reverse spelling of the phrase Takot ako! (I'm scared!); hence, the exclamation point at the beginning.

It was the longest-running horror series on Filipino television.

Oka Tokat is slated to return in 2012. The sequel also stars Paul Salas, Sue Ramirez, Jane Oineza, Joshua Colet & Makisig Morales <ref name="Morales">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref>

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